The Directorate of Geology & Mining UP was created in the year 1955, is a multi-disciplinary organisation under the Department of Industrial Development, Govt. of U.P. having total strength of 496 employees including Geologist,Chemist ,Geophysicist and Mining officers. -

1. To explore the mineral resources by geological mapping, drilling and sampling for the estimation of reserves. Experience in assessing Industrial Minerals like LimeStone,SilicaSand, Pyrophyllite, Diaspore, Bauxite, Rock Phosphate and refractory minerals.

2. Engaged in the promotion of conservation and scientific development of mineral resources, and mineral based industries in the state.

3. Presently engaged in the Exploration of base metals & high value minerals.


The State of Uttar Pradesh has a Long and Interesting history of Mining of Minerals. In the early days Copper, Lead, Iron ore and Placer Gold have been mined on a small scale in parts of Himalayas, Bundelkhand and South-Eastern districts. In addition Vindhyan Sand Stone as building and Mill Stone were also mined in the districts of Agra, Allahabad and Mirzapur.

Prior to 1900, the Copper ores were mined on a small scale in erstwhile Garhwal, however, the development of Modern Technology and decline in the prices also lead to the decline of small scale Mining. Mining activity during 1920 and 1930 further declined due to various reasons.
The Geologists have been examining the ground for search of both Industrial and Metallic Mineral deposits which could be developed in relation to present day Technology and Economics.


1. The Scientists of the Directorate of Geology & Mining , U.P. with their sustained efforts, helped in exploration of new Mineral resources in the State. The minerals like Rock Phosphate, Pyrophyllite-Diaspore, Silica Sand, Cement Grade Lime Stone, Marble, Dolomite etc. were explored. This helped in the establishment and expansion of Mineral based Industries.

2. 213.3 million tones of CEMENT GRADE LIMESTONE RESERVES have been proved in Sonbhadra.

3. 24.0 million tones of probable Reserves of Silica sand deposits have been identified in Allahabad and Chitrakoot districts.

4. 6.0 million tones of Rock Phosphate Reserves have been proved in Lalitpur district.

Legal & Admin

The major mineral lease is granted under central Mines And Minerals (development & regulation) act 1957.and Mineral Concession rules 1960.

Application for reconnaissance permit; prospecting licence and mining lease shall be furnished in for A,B, and I forms respectively. These forms are available in mineral concession rules 1960 and are to be submitted to the district magistrate office of the concerned district. The prospecting licence, reconnaissance permit and mining lease is sanctioned by the state Government on the technical report of the directorate and the report of district magistrate regarding status of the land.