• The Scientists of the Directorate of Geology & Mining , U.P. with their sustained efforts, helped in exploration of new Mineral resources in the State. The minerals like Rock Phosphate, Pyrophyllite-Diaspore, Silica Sand, Cement Grade Lime Stone, Marble, Dolomite etc. were explored. This helped in the establishment and expansion of Mineral based Industries.
  • 323.11 million tones of CEMENT GRADE LIMESTONE RESERVES have been proved in Sonbhadra.
  • 15 million tones of probable Reserves of Silica sand deposits have been identified in Allahabad and Chitrakoot districts.
  • 6.0 million tones of Rock Phosphate Reserves have been proved in Lalitpur district.
  • 0.50 million tones of Pyrophyllite-Diaspore mineral have been proved in Lalitpur, Jhansi and Mahoba districts.

Mineral Area Estimated reserves (in Million Tones)
Bauxite Chitrakoot 8.4
Asbestos Jhansi 0.30
Coal Sonbhadra 1050
Dolomite Sonbhadra 21.40
Quartz Jhansi, Lalitpur, Mahoba 67
Gold Sonbhadra 793.15 Kg
Potash Chitrakoot 50
China Clay Sonbhadra 13.5
Sillimanite Sonbhadra 9.80